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Wow, it doesn't get any easier than that - nice job keeping it simple. Fyi, I ran into XML recognition issues for both Firefox and the IE add-in for Newsgator, so couldn't quickly subscribe to my generarted feed via either browser - might be worth validating against Newsgator. I still don't see myself pulling data out of Salesforce via RSS on an item-by-item basis (though I do the reverse and pull RSS into Salesforce). I'm guessing I'm not the target market... Chris

John Engler

ugh, need an admin to "install" ... kind of makes it hard to use.

Do you have any feeds for sales managers? Like:

current opportunities for "my team"

basically, all of the leads/contacts/opporunities feeds you offer for individual reps, but for teams?

Charlie Wood


I agree that the requirement for an admin to install AppExchange apps is limiting. There's no charge for Spanning Feed Builder though, so maybe you can sweet-talk your admin into adding it.

The people at Salesforce tell me they're working on making it so users can in stall their own apps. But since that might take a while, I'm looking at how to get around that requirement for Spanning Salesforce v4.0.

Spanning Feed Builder lets you create team feeds like the ones you describe.


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